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President's greeting
Chairman Young-Seok Shin
suprem energy

Dear Launderers
Now New Jersey is a huge snow storm, with as much as 34 inches of snow, and 6 people after that.
It’s snowing more than that, so even if it’s not, the difficult game is now
It is a situation where we are struggling. Some cleaners now only sigh
Listening to the voice of lament, I wonder if I should be worried about the actual livelihood.
It seems to have been pushed back to Kyeong-e.
In the midst of this, now cleaners are using special-purpose laundry such as leather, suede, carpet and
The laundry that used to wash rugs and tablecloths was closed, even though it was open.
There are an increasing number of businesses that do not accept goods at all due to their extremely high prices. Ie Laundry Association
Decided to co-found a laundry that could handle these special laundry. Many cleaners interested
Please join us. It is said that it is difficult and difficult now, but it is difficult for us to just wait for the game to improve.
The times are not so generous. We hope that we can put all our strength together to create a better environment.
The various environmental factors that have been given to us now cause major obstacles to returning the laundry industry to normal.
It is scattered too much. Environmental regulations, which are bound to be strengthened, and the minimum wage increase, especially for illegal immigrants.
Given the legal status, there are a lot of problems that each business must be in charge of. The more difficult it is, the more strength
We hope that you will be able to respond wisely.
Now is the time for the association to take a new leap forward by electing the 14th president. More support from members and
I hope you send encouragement and consolation to the many directors who lead the association. And to serve together in the association
I need the directors. It is a difficult time, but gathering a little wisdom can be a great force to create a better environment.
All. Members are always in good health, and what makes the association a great force to support one and one business of laundry
Because there are your members. If you have any inconvenience, please do not delay and contact the association.
In addition, the association and executive departments welcome suggestions from members with an open mind at any time.
Let us always be healthy and overcome these difficult challenges wisely and wisely, even in difficult and difficult times.
Thank you.
New jersey

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