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Association history



April 16, 1994 (Sat)

East Brunswick Calvary Church attended the inaugural general meeting with 400 attendees, and Kim Woo-young was elected and approved as the first president.

May 4, 1994

Registered as a non-profit organization in New Jersey

July 23, 1994

The 1st Boiler Seminar, Venue: Calvary Church, Lecturer: Young Kwang Jeon, 145 attendees

August 26, 1994

1st Golf Competition Venue: Fox Follow Country Club, 110 participants


January 12, 1995

1995 Opening Ceremony, Venue: Mirae Myeonok

February 15, 1995

Boiler test, place: Antioch Church, 118 people passed

July 1, 1995

Move in to the association office


January 6, 1996

Take the 2nd NIGHT BALL from Daewon. 300 people participated

April 20, 1996

The 2nd General Assembly, Venue: Calvary Church. Inauguration ceremony of new chairman Taehee Han and executives

August 14, 1996

Boiler test, place: association office, lecturer: Jeon Young-kwang, 24 people passed

December 28, 1996

Third Laundry Association Night Ball, Pine Mano, opens. 480 people attended


January 4, 1997

1997 Opening Ceremony/January Regular Executives' Meeting/Board's Meeting, Venue: Chairman Han Tae-hee's home. 50 people with married couple

March 15, 1997

The 9th Boiler Seminar, Venue: Office of the Association, Lecturer: Young-Kwang Jeon, 40 people attended

April 26, 1997

The 3rd regular general meeting of the association was held at Orange Cathedral with 400 members attending.

August 21, 1997

Held the 4th Golf Tournament to raise funds to build a laundry training center

December 20, 1997

Pines Manor in Edison, the 4th “Laundry Night” event,

About 400 members and people from all walks of life attended, Chairman Tae-hee Han presented a letter of appreciation for the contributors to the Barton Act campaign, and Congressman Kim Chang-joon attended and declared support for the Barton Act.


February 25, 1998

Boiler test conducted at Agape Church, 29 people passed

April 25, 1998

98 regular general meeting. Chairman Kang Bong-hee Injun and Jeon Young-gwang gave a lecture on maintenance of machine breakdown

May 26, 1998

Participated in 63 TV Golf Competition, donated to one TV, Participants: Wooyoung Kim, Taehee Han, Bonghee Kang

December 19, 1998

Laundry night, Cliff Side crew, about 350 members and local people attended


January 7, 1999

Directors and executives gathered to hold the 1999 opening ceremony

February 23, 1999

1999 1st boiler test, conducted by Agape Church, 39 people passed

August 10, 1999

A total of 92 people attended the Golf Competition to raise money for the Education Center, held at Knob Hill CC.

December 18, 1999

Cleaner's Evening Event, Pines Manor, Congratulatory Remarks by James McGrevey, Approximately 380 Members Attend

Year 2000

January 6, 2000

Opening ceremony was held at the association's office. After the opening ceremony, a dinner for fellowship was held.

August 10, 2000

Test to acquire boiler qualification, 40 people took the test, all passed

Meeting with NJ DEP's CHUCK MCCARTY, insisting on the abolition of the Rooney Act

December 16, 2000

The 7th Laundry Night, Pines Manor, about 350 members and outsiders attended


February 1, 2001

Boiler certification test conducted, place: Agape Presbyterian Church, all 46 people passed

December 16, 2001

Hosted a golf tournament fundraising for Yang Young-mo members


February 9, 2002

Hosted the 8th Laundry Night Event

March 7, 2002

March Regular board meeting was held, and current Senior Vice Chairman Lee Kwang-hee was elected as the 5th President of the Association

April 26, 2002

The 8th regular general meeting was held, Palisadeum, approved the current vice chairman Lee Kwang-hee, who was elected as new president.

Hosted environmental seminar, Lecturer: Mr. Ky Asral (NJ DEP), Secretary Ha Yeon-Seung-HESHAP Calendar Tips

August 8, 2002

Held a golf tournament to raise funds for the Environment Fund and the Laundry Worker Training Center, High Bridge Hills Golf Club, about 140 members attended.

October 2002

Publication of the Laundry Guide Booklet

December 21, 2002

The 9th Washer's Night was held, Pines Manor, Governor Mr. James McGreevey, Ambassador Won-il Cho and many government officials attended, and members participated in the campaign to raise $1 per person

Year 2003

January 2, 2003

Regular executive meetings and opening ceremony

April 4, 2003

The 9th regular general meeting and alternative solvent seminar held at Daewon Restaurant, 120 people attended

2004 year

April 10, 2004

10th regular general meeting, Daewon, 5th, 6th chairman, Lee, inauguration ceremony and 10th anniversary party

December 4, 2004

The 11th year-end party was held at Pines Manor, and 300 people attended the event.


January 6, 2005

2005 Opening Ceremony held at the association's office

August 17, 2005

Conducted the 12th Golf Tournament, 150 people attended at High Bridge Golf Club,

December 10, 2005

Year-end evening held, Venue: Pines Manor, 300 people attended successfully and finished


January 5, 2006

2006 Opening ceremony was held, the office of the association, former chairman Kim Woo-young was elected as the 7th chairman of the election management committee,

Appointment of Directors Moonjae Lim, Jisang Byeon, Seongbok Jang, Youngchang Park, and Jongseok Lee as members of the Election Committee

April 22, 2006

12th General Assembly, Venue: Pines Manor

December 9, 2006

Year-end evening held, Venue: Pines Manor, 300 attendees, successful completion

Year 2007

April 21, 2007

13th General Assembly, Venue: Agape Presbyterian Church

Aug 8, 2007

Golf Tournament Held, Venue: High Bridge Golf Club, 120 people attended

December 8, 2007

Year-end party held, Venue: Pines Mamor, 250 people attended


April 26, 2008

The 14th regular general meeting was held, Chairman Shin Gu Lee, inauguration ceremony held, 7th Chairman Yongseon Baek. 8th Chairman Min Byeonghae

June 29, 2008

The 15th Golf Tournament High Hill Bridge Golf Club

December 6, 2008

The 15th Washer's Night Event


April 18, 2009

15th General Assembly, Venue: Bethany Church

June 28, 2009

Association Golf Tournament (High Bridge Hills Golf Club)

December 12, 2009

The 16th Laundry Night Event, Venue: Pines Manor


Jan 7, 2010

Former President Tae-hee Han was elected as chairman of the Election Commission for the opening ceremony and the election of the ninth president

April 10, 2010

The 16th General Assembly and Chairman Lee Inauguration Ceremony, 8th Chairman Byunghae Min, 9th Chairman Seongbok Jang (Pine Plaza)

June 6, 2010

The 17th Laundry Association Golf Tournament (High Bridge Hills Golf Club)

September 1, 2010

Opened the association website ( ) and started operation

December 4, 2010

17th Washer's Night Event (Pine Plaza)

In 2011

January 6, 2011

Regular board meeting and opening ceremony

July 17, 2011

The 18th Golf Tournament is held, Venue: High Bridge Hill Golf Club

December 10, 2011

The 18th Laundry Night, Venue: Pine Plaza


Jan 5, 2012

January Regular General Meeting and Opening Ceremony, Association Office

April 28, 2012

The 18th General Meeting, Venue: Pines Manor, New Chairman Soo-Ho Chae, Injun

September 16, 2012

Autumn Golf Tournament, Venue: High Bridge Hills Golf Club

December 5, 2012

Governor Chris Christy attended the invitational year-end party of the ministries, Venue: Princeton Governor's Mission, Chairman Soo-Ho Chae, and Chief Executive Officer Jisang Byeon

December 8, 2012

The 19th Laundry Night, Venue: Pines Manor

In 2013

April 27, 2013

The 19th regular general meeting was held, the amendments to the bylaws were passed, the inspection countermeasures seminar was held, the association office

June 23, 2013

Completion of the 20th Golf Tournament, Venue: High Bridge Hills Golf Club

July 16, 2013

Laundromat child scholarship selection scholarship award ceremony, 3 people selected, each paying $1000, the association office

December 1, 2013

Chairman Bong-hee Kang, who served as the third generation of the Association (1998-2000), passed away, held a ceremony,

Venue: Adams Perfect Funeral Home

Dec 14, 2013

The 20th Laundry Night, Venue: Pines Manor

year 2014

Jan 8, 2014

Received confirmation of demolition compensation program and detailed rules from Environment Agency

Jan 9, 2014

2014 Opening Ceremony and Regular Officers' Meeting

March 6, 2014

Current Chairman Soo-Ho Chae was elected as the 11th President of the Regular Board of Directors

May 18, 2014

Golf Tournament to Raise Scholarship Fund, Venue: Bunker Hill Golf Course

September 21, 2014

The 21st Laundry Golf Tournament, Venue: Bunker Hill Golf Course

December 6, 2014

The 21st Washer's Night, Venue: Pines Manor (Edison)

Year 2015

Jan 8, 2015

2015 opening ceremony and regular board meeting, NESHAP calendar sending work

September 20, 2015

22nd Golf Tournament, Venue: High Bridge Hills Golf Club

December 5, 2015

The 22nd Laundry Worker's Night was held, Venue: Pines Manor 80 people participated.


The 23rd Laundry Golf Tournament, High Bridge Hills Golf Club

Dec 10, 2016

The 21st General Assembly, Chairman Young-Seok Shin, inauguration ceremony, a launderer's evening, Pines Manor

Year 2017

June 28, 2017

Conducted the test to acquire the 1st boiler certification

September 10, 2017

24th Golf Tournament, High Bridge Hills Golf Club

Aug 19, 2017

Labor and Environment Seminar, Office of the Association, Lecturers: Young-Seok Shin, Gyu-Do Kim

November 29, 2017

Conducted a test to acquire the 2nd boiler certification

Dec 9, 2017

24th Laundry Night, Pines Manor

2018 year

January 6

Opening ceremony and regular board meeting in January
Feb 17

The 1st Environmental Seminar
March 17

Association executives attended Atlantic branch meetings
April 5

Clothing analysis laboratory and wet clean laboratory established
April 21

2018 1st boiler training
May 5th 6th

Participated in Clean Air Equipment Show
May 9

Boiler Certification Exam
July 21

The 2nd Environmental Seminar
July 14

Atlantic City Branch Meeting
Aug 16

Association executives attended a Southern branch meeting

Participated in the US general meeting on September 1-3 Spring hill suit verginia.

September 9 The 25th Laundry Golf Tournament High Bridge Hill Golf Club.

October Boiler certification training and examination

December 25th Laundry Worker's Night Event Pines Manor


January 5 New Year's celebration and regular board meeting

January 22 Consul General in New York

February 2nd meeting of the former president and the board of directors

February 7 Regular Board of Directors and Election Management Committee Composition Chairperson: Sang-gyu Kim, Director Lee Yong-ho, Dong-won Kim, Gyeong-eun Cha, and Jay Jo

March 23, 1st Environmental Seminar Lecturer: Chairman Young-Seok Shin issued a certificate of completion signed jointly by the Environment Agency and the President of the Association to attendees of the Environmental Seminar

March Aekyungsa Temple decided to share with the members of the Love Sharing Committee.

On April 6, Shin Yeong-seok was reappointed as the 13th president. Inauguration ceremony is held at Pines Manor

First boiler training

May Organize the purchase promotion committee of the regular board of directors hall: Director Kim Dong-won

September 9th The 26th Laundry Golf Tournament Held High Bridge Hill Golf Club

September 2nd boiler training

December 14th 6th Laundry Worker's Night

2020 year

January 4th New Year's celebration and regular board meeting

January 14, New Jersey New York Association Joint Purchasing Promotion Team was launched (Promotional Chairman Lee Yong-ho)

February 7 regular board meeting

March 5 Regular Board of Directors (All association events are temporarily suspended

April-May held as a pendemic as a regular board meeting (promote government support programs to all members)

May Laundry protection equipment support (hospital police, postman, etc. protective equipment donation (5000 masks)

June Laundry Worker Protection Program ($300 paid per business)

Encourage members through the July-August emergency board meeting and face-to-face board meeting

October Cleaners meeting and legal seminar at Clean Air (Lecturer: Hwakyung Lee, Attorney Yoojin Lee)

November Laundry equipment management seminar at Innoclean headquarters

Year 2021

January 2nd New Year's celebration and regular board meeting

On February 4, the regular board of directors and 14 elections management committees were formed (Chairman Kim Sang-gyu)

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