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February regular board meeting

The New Jersey Laundry Association (Chairman Young-Seok Shin) is promoting a joint establishment of a laundry factory that handles special laundry.

On the 4th, at the'February Regular Board of Directors' held via online video, the association co-founded a large laundry factory that specializes in handling special laundry (carpets, rugs, tablecloths, leather, suede, etc.), seeking new ways to enter the professional laundry industry. I decided to go on.

According to the association, the demand for special laundry treatment is increasing rapidly as large laundry factories that have been handling special laundry due to the novel coronavirus infection (Corona 19) pandemic are shutting down one after another. In the case of special laundry, it is explained that there is currently no factory to leave, so it cannot be accepted.

Chairman Young-Seok Shin said, “If the association jointly establishes a laundry factory that specializes in special laundry, you will have the opportunity to participate in procurement projects that require a large amount of laundry processing capacity as well as reduce laundry costs.” Large laundry factories that were mainly operated by other people are on sale, so we plan to rush to co-found the laundry factory of the association.” The association plans to realize the co-founding of a laundry factory within this year.

In this regard, the association plans to hold an online video conference for joint investment and business briefings on joint ventures of laundry factories in March.
In addition, the association decided to resume boiler training and testing temporarily suspended due to a prolonged pandemic on this day in the first half of this year.

Education and examinations were temporarily suspended due to the pandemic, and government crackdowns were strengthened, and education and examinations were to be resumed. The test was to be held outdoors (large parking lots, etc.) in consultation with the Boiler Bureau of the State Labor Administration. Accordingly, the association plans to conduct online video training a month ago with the aim of restarting boiler tests in early May at the latest.

In addition, the association pledged to become an association that takes one step closer to the members by revitalizing the civil petition room on this day. The policy is to provide a service that allows employees of the Civil Affairs Office to handle various civil affairs only at actual expenses, and to organize various documents required by the state and local governments. Civil petition services include laundry services as well as all services necessary for immigration life (letter interpretation and translation services, etc.).

Meanwhile, the association launched the Election Commission for the 14th presidential election on this day. The election committee was composed of director Kim Sang-gyu, chairman of the election committee, Choi Jae-woon, director Cho Lee-je, director Cha Kyung-eun, and Kim Gyu-do.
The deadline for registration of candidates is the 26th of this month, and the election will be held at the regular board meeting on March 4th.


​An open meeting with the laundry

The New Jersey Laundry Association held a laundromat meeting at Clean Air in Palpak from 1pm on October 4th. This is the first in-person meeting held after the pandemic, so even though the number of people was limited to 50, more than 70 people attended, so speakers were installed outdoors and held both indoors and outdoors. The pain and future direction of the attending laundry workers, and through a legal seminar leading to the labor and commercial law of lawyers Lee Hwa-kyung and Lee Yoo-jin, members overcome difficult difficulties, share their difficulties, and receive questions and answers. I decided to take the opportunity to overcome the problem and take a leap again. The event on this day was an opportunity to measure the interests and frustrations of the members so that it was held for an hour longer than expected.

In particular, No. Lee Hwa-kyung's seminar on labor law-related issues and unemployment benefits with employees who need to be aware of in a pendemic situation was filled with contents to prevent various problems that may occur in the laundry in advance. Through attorney Lee Yoo-jin, who majors in immigration law, he emphasized the importance of mutual understanding and trust in the issue of rental adjustment, which is the very interest of both Renrod and Tennant. I would like to express my gratitude to the members who are satisfied that they have become convinced that active support will serve as a large beacon of the unknown unfolding in the future.

In particular, we express our gratitude to Mr. Clean Air Hong, who worked hard to pack all food and beverages individually for the event, and the association gave generous products to all attendees, even though it may be uncomfortable with thorough preventive measures. I would like to express my gratitude to everyone for following the quarantine regulations.

In the future, the association was a precious place to pledge to do its best to help members stand up again through the 2nd 3rd seminar, which is helpful to each member as the pendemic calms down. They would like to express their gratitude to all the directors who prepared the event for their efforts in a difficult situation.


​Laundry Equipment Management Seminar

The New Jersey Laundry Association held a laundry equipment management seminar at the Innoclean headquarters on November 15th.


​An open meeting with the laundry

The New Jersey Laundry Association decided to hold a face-to-face meeting for the first time since the Pedemic for cleaners suffering from the prolonged pendemic. The laundromat meeting is scheduled to be held at Clean Air, located in Palisade Park, for about 2 hours from 1 o'clock on October 4th. At the conference on this day, there will be a presentation of a plan for coexistence of laundry workers and a topic for pioneering a new path, and through questions and answers from laundry workers, a plan to find economic stability among the pendemics and a difficult crisis as a cleaner in the future. We plan to intensively lead education and cooperation on ways to pass away.

In the second part, various legal seminars are prepared on various problems (rental adjustment issues, closing procedures, labor law, etc.) arising from operating a dry cleaner as a pendemic. As lecturers, lawyers Lee Hwa-gyeong and lawyer Lee Yoo-jin, the advisors of the association, are expected to play the role of preventing members from causing legal problems by finding the most itchy parts of the members.

In particular, in the case of business closure, various risks must be considered, so members who are in a really difficult and difficult situation will be selected and individual counseling will be conducted.

In particular, as covid19 requires strict precautions, strict safety measures are required, and the participating individuals are recommended to wear the highest quality health masks, and the association has secured a quantity that can be supplied to all at the level of the association for the unprepared participants. . In addition, the meals and beverages provided were individually packaged, and Clean Air (representative Hong Seung-jae) decided to provide supplies at a special member price to all participants and members. It was decided to apply the benefits. We have prepared generous gifts for those who attend, so please contact us in advance to apply.


September Board of Directors

Hi. The New Jersey Laundry Association meets a regular board meeting at the association's office on Saturday, September 5th at 6pm.
Held. It can help members and related organizations who are suffering from the pantemic that lasted for over 6 months.
We are doing our best to find a solution.
In particular, at this board of directors, many members are able to continue their business even in the midst of difficult times with the support of the government.
It has been a great driving force in the world, so that members will not be marginalized by state and federal government support and measures.
Active promotion and attention to detail, one by one, through the activities of each member of the association and directors,
Members expressed their gratitude for their great help, and future government support was also actively promoted to all members.
We decided to do our best to receive support.
When the game is difficult, the cleaners use surfing together, although they suffer from various equipment, mechanics, etc.
There are many organizations. On this occasion, members will continue to help the association with surfer companies and mechanics.
And for the equipment makers, we agreed that we should take the opportunity to help out and help out.
In early October, it was decided to hold a seminar with all members as well as an extended board of directors. In this seminar
In the meantime, it will proceed in the order of listening to and answering the members' difficulties, and listening to the members' requirements.
We plan to proceed with time, and we plan to hold various discount events in conjunction with surfers and equipment companies.
The location and time will be notified to each company later.
In addition, we continue to provide detailed support for government-supported documents such as PPP and EIDL, as well as for withdrawal documents.
We plan to go out, and we will also notify the government's support and what we must know. Also, the school
By conducting face-to-face and hybrid classes, the number of businesses in which the game is rapidly normalized is increasing.
On the other hand, there are concerns that the infection of Covid 19 will increase, so the quarantine compliance requirements of each establishment will be stricter.
We have decided to do our best to ensure that no businesses are damaged by compliance.
The association does its best for members who are struggling with the continued pendemic, and the game is difficult.
Members who have decided to close their business are also assisted in completing various procedures after the business closes. This difficulty
Through this experience, the Association realized how vulnerable we are in economic activity, but the Association
Remembering that every time I received a call of encouragement from many members who said that it was good for me, it was more encouraging.
Together with the members to overcome difficult obstacles and to establish a better economic structure,
We pledged to go forward together for a leap to a higher level.


June Board of Directors

The Cleaners Association held a regular board meeting at 5 pm on May 307 at the Natural Cleaners outdoor parking lot run by Director Kim Sang-gu. Through this board of directors, it is important to recognize the difficulties of the reality that members are facing while they have not yet been reopened, and to prepare thorough preparations in preparation for the future return to normal. In addition, after completing the document review for the applicants for the employee protection program, it was decided to pay the association subsidies to all applicants as much as possible.

​The association pledged to do its best to ensure that all members return to normal and continue their business without failing at all through various measures required by members. .


May Board of Directors

The Laundry Workers' Association held a regular board meeting at 8 pm on May 7th through video. Through this board of directors, it is important to recognize the difficulties of the reality that members are facing while they have not yet been reopened, and to prepare thorough preparations in preparation for the future return to normal.

In the meantime, the members expressed their gratitude for the donation they sent or agreed upon in difficult circumstances, and especially for the participation of various partner companies such as Noah Insurance and InnoClean. Initially, the association delivered 5,000 N95 masks to police officers and postmen serving in the area, and medical staff working in local hospitals, respectively. In addition, as cleaners categorized as essential industries have to open their doors even when customers are out of step, masks were supplied to members of the Atlantic City branch located at the end of New Jersey and members of the Camden Station. Members are informed that in order to protect employees in the laundry industry, who are now in the blind spot of government support, they need to provide support so that each business can make a living at least voluntarily.

The association is producing and distributing posters to all members to help them recover quickly after the economy reopened, and has taken measures to ensure that all members identify those who are economically difficult around them and report them to the association. And the following code of practice was prepared.

  • Members are the first to protect their employees.

  • Identify the needs of the community in which each business is located and inform the association.

  • We have taken measures to ensure that each business can receive government support, but businesses that have not yet received it are linked with Korean banks that are helping the association so that they are not excluded from government support.

  • As a laundry is a business that works at the forefront of fighting the coronavirus, it prepares itself for infection, responds thoroughly to quarantine and prevention as much as possible, and acts according to the manual provided by the association.

  • The association always receives voluntary donations from its members, and provides appropriate support to those in need through the association's funds and donations.

  • The association unites with the mainstream society through a sense of community that develops with the local community as essential workers until the corona crisis returns to normal.


February Board of Directors

Through the regular board meeting in February, the association organized a laundry school, a joint purchasing business, and an institutional organization through which more cleaners can join forces through the Eastern Association to create a better environment for cleaners. I recognized the need. It was decided to make every effort to set a good example for all members of the association and especially the Korean American community. In February, the elders of the association were invited to establish their opinions, and the opportunity to take a new leap forward for my association was decided, and we decided to do our best to select a good location for the purchase of the association building.


​Joint purchasing promotion group

New York Korean cleaners and New Jersey Korean cleaners joined forces to overcome difficult challenges.

The New York Korean Dry Cleaners Association (Chairman In-Young Jung) and the New Jersey Laundry Association (Chairman Young-Seok Shin) have established a practical business cooperation system for joint purchase of laundry equipment.

The association between New York and New Jersey held a historic joint meeting at the office of the New Jersey Laundry Association in Islin, New Jersey on the 19th, and discussed in-depth ways to respond to the demolition and replacement of Perc laundry equipment scheduled for the end of 2020. . This joint meeting was set up by the two associations to jointly seek a solution to this problem in a situation where there is a growing demand for Korean launderers to jointly purchase expensive laundry equipment.

On this day, the association of both New York and New Jersey launched a joint purchase promotion team composed of 10 people who oversee all tasks such as selection of a company, which is one of the most important matters in joint purchase, and various purchase-related documents for members. This is the birth of a working organization that specifically promotes joint purchases that are directly connected to the interests of many Korean launderers who do business in New York and New Jersey.

At the meeting, together with the formation of a joint purchase promotion group, ▶Specific measures for joint purchase of laundry equipment, wet clean equipment, and other equipment ▶The New Jersey Laundry Association's'Laundry Madang' magazine, including the New York Korean Dry Cleaners Association, was published. A plan to expand it to the Eastern Association and publish it as an association that encompasses the eastern United States ▶Co-purchase plans for various insurance, gas and electricity, and credit cards ▶Introduction of the credit card cash discount program ▶A plan to jointly hold an annual equipment fair ▶ Education for the next generation of cleaners and measures to improve the welfare of cleaners were discussed as major agendas.

Regarding the joint meeting, the associations of New York and New Jersey said, “It was an opportunity to recognize the importance of close cooperation between the two associations. The program to improve the welfare of launderers, and to expand communication opportunities between members,” he announced.

For this purpose, the association between New York and New Jersey decided to provide an opportunity to promote friendship through a seminar for laundry workers who stay in camp for 3 days and 2 nights at the end of May.


2020 New Year's Ceremony

The New Jersey Laundry Association held a New Year's celebration with association officials on Saturday, January 4 at 6 pm. Chairman Young-Seok Shin said in his first greeting, “If it does not change, there is no future. Taking the first step toward a better future with the slogan “The future is in our hands”, he emphasized that it should be a strong support for Korean Americans.
The association has selected seven plans for the 2020 New Year's business. Welfare through collaboration with related Korean American organizations through the vitalization of the laundry yard to fulfill its function as a magazine representing the Korean community, joint purchase of various equipment (dry clean, wet, finishing), and activation of the Association's Love Sharing Committee Expand benefits, expand various seminars (environmental seminars, laundry technology seminars, boiler training, social welfare seminars (health, retirement management, tax, etc.)) to provide more good information to members, and to purchase good items for the association's building. The association's office is opened to all members to provide job information, laundry sales, and temporary job placements among members, so that it can function as a love room even after retirement.


2020 Regular Board of Directors

Companies whose solvents traditionally used for cleaners are no longer in contact with sensitive facilities such as residential and commercial complexes, hospitals, schools, and day care centers must be removed by December 20th. As a result, about 20% of businesses are in a position to dismantle their equipment. Taking advantage of this, some equipment makers and mechanics are even tricking themselves into using the device by illegally forging or altering it.
Accordingly, the association made it clear that any change of laundry equipment is illegal and could result in more costly losses. In addition, in order to rationalize the ever-increasing equipment prices, a joint purchase promotion team was formed to secure better conditions and services while making deals from the standpoint of equipment makers and association members.
In order not to violate the accident of joint purchase when the hydrocarbon machine first entered the laundry market, we thoroughly collect the company's service network and reviews in the laundry market, and make our best efforts to select a company that truly works with the cleaner. something to do.


The 26th Washer's Night

On December 14th, at Pines Manor in Edison, a laundry night was held to wrap up the year of 2019. The Washer's Night event, held by the cleaners and related organizations, was a precious time to share friendship and love with each other with joy and joy for a better next year while having a difficult year.

With the attendance of the New Jersey End AC Presidency, we were able to have a generous and rich finish with the united appearance of all New Jersey members and the service of the women and committee members who always serve silently.


Last Board of Directors in 2019

On December 5th, the office of the association held the last board of directors in 2019.

The board of directors finally checked the preparations for the year-end party and established the opening of the 2020 New Year business.


2019 2nd Clean Air Show

On November 2-3, Clean Air held the 2nd Open Show in 2019.

In order to seize the opportunity to purchase various equipment and supplies more inexpensively even in the midst of difficulties

Many cleaners participated and formed a meeting place. In particular, the association also participated and met with the laundry

It was time to listen to the difficulties of more realistic cleaners and find improvements.


Second boiler training in 2019

The New Jersey Laundry Association conducted the 2019 second boiler license acquisition at the association's office on Saturday, September 21st. On this day, two launderers from other nations attended the training, and the association is transforming from a Korean-only association to an association for all New Jersey launderers. In particular, efforts will have to be made to ensure that more cleaners do not wake up running boilers without a license.


​The 26th Laundry Golf Tournament

The New Jersey Laundry Association hosted the Laundry Inn Golf Competition on September 8th at the High Bridge Hill Golf Club. This day's competition was a valuable time for many cleaners and relatives to gather together to promote friendship and to share friendships with each other. About 150 golfers and cleaners gathered to enjoy golf, while others shared their memories through a small concert. In particular, in this tournament, Kim Gyun-yeon had to soothe his regret by popping a hole in one in a hole other than a hole in one, but it brought great joy to many golfers and people around him. It became an event of joy and vitality as many companies and cleaners sent helping hands so that the funds collected in this conference could be used for the purchase of the hall. In addition, in order to support the establishment of a hall promoted by the Korean American Association of New Jersey as well as the Laundry Association, the donation of $1000 to President Park Eun-rim for the construction of the hall served as an opportunity for the healthy development of the Korean American society.


Washer Golf Tournament

The New Jersey Laundry Association will hold a fundraising golf competition for the construction of the Laundry Association Hall at HIGH BRIDGE HILL GOLF CLUB on Sunday, September 8th at 1pm. We look forward to the participation of many members and related organizations.

Open Space Office

Hall purchase promotion committee

The New Jersey Laundry Association formed the Hall Purchasing Promotion Committee (Chairman: Dongwon Kim) and decided to do its best to purchase the hall in earnest.

The Association Hall will be used as a venue for the establishment of a laundry school for the next generation of laundry and various seminars, and will fulfill its role as a love room for retired cleaners.


Inauguration ceremony of the 13th president

The New Jersey Laundry Association held the 26th General Assembly and the 13th President's Inauguration Ceremony at Pines Manor in Edison on April 6th. Many Korean American people and laundry workers congratulate President Young-Seok Shin, who took office again. Through his inauguration address, Chairman Young-Seok Shin emphasized that the Laundry Association has grown as the main pillar of the Korean American community, and now the Association has grown into an association where people can share something through love-sharing with the laundromats who serve hard daughters. Chaenggi promised to move forward as an association, strongly insisted on the purchase of an association hall for the next generation of laundry cleaners and the establishment of a laundry service school, and emphasized that all members must now join forces and step toward a higher place once again. Around 100 people who attended the event shared mutual virtues and encouraged and congratulated Chairman Young-Seok Shin, executives and directors who would work hard for the association and the association to further develop. It was a place before the future of the association will unfold brightly with the smiles of the members who dance and sing to their heart's content to the wonderful performance of the blue bird band in the order of the second part.


2019 Environmental Seminar

The New Jersey Laundry Association held its first environmental seminar in 2019 at the association's office on March 23rd. In the seminar, since the GP13 permit is no longer automatically renewed and all purchasers and owners have to apply online only when renewing, training was conducted on how to apply for GP13A, how to manage dry cleaning solvents, and all matters related to the environment.
In particular, all those who completed this seminar were issued a certificate of completion signed jointly by the Association and the New Jersey Environment Agency.


​The 13th NEC was organized

The New Jersey Laundry Association held a regular board meeting on February 7th at the association's office. Election Management Committee was formed for the election of the 13th president. Director Kim Sang-gyu was elected as the Chairman of the Election Commission, and Lee Yong-ho, Kim Dong-won, and Cha Kyung-eun Cha Gyeong-eun were directors. Anyone who wishes to run for president must submit to the association office by February 25th. And after the qualification screening of the election committee, it was decided to elect the chairman at the regular board meeting on March 7.


​Meeting with the former chairman

The New Jersey Laundry Association held a celebration of former presidents and directors at Garden Shabu on February 2nd. On this day, the former presidents Gwang-hee Lee, Byung-hae Min, and Yong-seon Baek were invited to attend to the directors and wives who always worked hard for the association, and to withdraw the hard work and hard work. In an increasingly difficult environment, it was a place to feel the warm heart of the former presidency who wanted to serve even a small meal to the directors who set the example of many members and the wives who provided generous support behind the scenes. And in 2019, it was a time to pray for leading members in a more volunteer attitude. Also, at the general meeting in April, in the hope that better workers will come out, there was also a place to support the association with love from both sides and to always help.


Meeting with Consul General

Officials at the Consulate General of New York held a meeting with the Korean New Jersey Association and heads of organizations at a restaurant in Naples, New Jersey on the 22nd. On this day, Consul-General Hyo-sung Park listened to the opinions of the heads of each organization and discussed ways to cooperate with the consulate-general. In particular, he praised the launderers for their dedication to the Korean American economy and conveyed that all of them led to the qualitative and quantitative growth of the Korean Americans, and prayed for them to be healthy and prosper in their business.


New year celebration

The New Jersey Laundry Association held a New Year's Day Ceremony and a regular board meeting on January 5th at 6pm in the association's office. In this meeting, we decided to inspire a sense of community to the 2019 New Year members and to actively support the association and fulfill its function as an association with all members in case of Aekyung's history.



The New Jersey Laundry Association hosted the 25th Laundry Workers' Night at the Edison Pines Manor. In particular, Congressman Golden Johnson

We commend Koreans for making a history of success with diligence and sincerity in New Jersey and across the United States, and wished for the prosperity of healthy businesses in the new year.


Washer's Night

The New Jersey Laundry Association hosted the 25th Laundry Workers' Night at the Edison Pines Manor. In particular, I was grateful for the efforts made by the related organizations living with the cleaners to achieve common interests during the year. Thanks to the support of the members of the association's branch president and below, we had a great day to dance and sing, praying for a hopeful start for the next year and for each other's health and prosperity.


Washer Golf Tournament

The New Jersey Laundry Association held its 25th Laundry Golf Tournament and Picnic at the High Bridge Hill Golf Club on Sunday, September 30th. Thanks to the participation of all the laundry workers and the support of the members of each branch president and below, we had a time to build friendship and friendship with the blue of the high autumn sky.


Washer Golf Tournament

The New Jersey Laundry Association will host its 25th Laundry In Golf Competition on Sunday, September 9th at the High Bridge Hill Golf Club. All of the laundry cleaners are encouraged to participate with the coworkers of the revelers around them and have a time to build friendship and friendship among the cleaners.


​General meeting executive department meeting

The American General Assembly held its board of directors from September 1-3 at the spring hill suit in Centerville, Virginia.

​At this meeting, the project was approved, and various discussions on the venue and method of the next general meeting were held, and a seat was held to ask for the support of the local association for Osha Foster.

8월 이사회.png

August board meeting

The New Jersey Laundry Association held regular board meetings on August 2 at the association's office. Jaewon Lee, the head of Hanmi Bank's Edison branch, attended this meeting to actively support the loans and equipment needed to the members. And they decided to do their responsibilities for the September laundry golf tournament.

Fighting ^^^

2차 환경 세미나.png

2nd environmental seminar

The New Jersey Laundry Association hosted the 2nd Environmental Seminar in 2018 at the association's office. There were general discussions on how to prepare for inspections that are being strengthened day by day and to operate eco-friendly laundry.

In addition, by issuing a certificate of completion of the seminar, we focused on notifying the inspectors of continuing environmental concerns and training to avoid unnecessary crackdowns.


July Board Meeting

The New Jersey Laundry Association held a board meeting in July at Y-Yan in Parsippany. We had a great evening with our directors and their wives who helped us to serve the association with generous support.

For a stronger friendship and association

Fighting ^^^


The 2nd Environmental Seminar

The New Jersey Laundry Association will host its 2nd Environmental Seminar on July 21st at its office. In this seminar, we will discuss the overall issue of the period of use of the Perc machine and the method of recent inspection, as well as the issue of environmental investigation, and an explanation of the letter received from the EPA and discussion of the association's position on the current situation in the future is required.


June regular board meeting

The New Jersey Laundry Association held a regular board meeting on June 7th at the association's office.

A manager in charge was appointed for various seminars, golf competitions, and year-end parties.

The association-level countermeasures were discussed with members suffering from the rapid impression of the supply, and general secretary Gyu-do Kim decided to contact them first in order to cope with the overgrowth of the N** faction.


20th American general meeting

The general meeting in the Americas from May 26th to 28th

It was held in New York for 3 days and 2 nights.

In this general meeting, the current chairman of the 20th general banquet hall, Chung Young-hoon, was recognized as chairman.

Ten directors from the New Jersey Laundry Association also attended this general meeting and sent congratulatory messages, and the general meeting is a substantial member.

I prayed for the rebirth as a general meeting serving to resolve the difficulties and grievances of the people.


​1st boiler test

The New Jersey Laundry Association conducted the first boiler qualification test on May 9, 2018 at the association's office. Boiler training was conducted every Saturday for three weeks from April 21st, and this test will be an opportunity to grow into an association that helps all launderers, not only Koreans but also foreigners, with three people from other ethnic groups participating in this test.


Cleanair Show

During May 5-6, Clean Air held an equipment show. In this prefecture, the executive department participated and had time to meet with members in person. Members showed a lot of interest in Perc equipment adjacent to the residential area they are using by 2020.


May regular board meeting

The New Jersey Laundry Association held a regular board meeting at the association's office on Thursday, May 3rd. In this meeting, the laundry yard was expanded to provide good information to laundry workers in the eastern United States. In particular, EPA's plan for E-manifest was discussed, and it was decided to focus on providing a place for unity and friendship for the next generation of cleaners. And we decided to make an effort for each institution's specialization.


Boiler training

The New Jersey Laundry Association conducts boiler training in the association's office every Saturday from Saturday 21st April to 5th May.

In this training, not only Koreans, but three other ethnic launderers participated in the training.

Instructor Gyu-do Kim, Director Joi-je, and Lee Security Commissioner, who have worked hard, participated in a busy schedule and provided necessary information to the trainees.


April Board of Directors

The New Jersey Laundry Association held a regular board meeting on April 5. In particular, the board of directors decided to establish a textile analysis laboratory and a wet cleaning laboratory under the association.
In addition, Han Tae-hee, former chairman of the Textile Analysis Lab, and Lee Sang-beom, are appointed as the director of the Wet Cleaning Lab, to provide expert opinions in disputes with customers.
It was decided to fulfill its function as an institution that could be used, and through the wet cleaning laboratory, it was decided to focus on securing a way to access new laundry technology.


AC Branch News

On March 17, the executives of the association

By attending the AC monthly meeting, we had time to listen to the members of the association and their difficulties in the future. In the future, the association has had a time to share the difficulties that the cleaners are facing through more cooperation and communication, and work together to make a better association.


AC branch monthly meeting

Through more communication and meetings with branch members and better laundry associations in the future, we are committed to helping the cleaners overcome the difficulties together.


Boiler test

In 2018, the 1st boiler training will be held at the association office every Saturday for 3 weeks from April 21st to 9:30pm, and the exam will be held on May 9.

​Please contact us a lot and cooperate so that more people can receive training.


​The 1st Environmental Seminar

The New Jersey Laundry Association is holding an environmental seminar as shown in the poster above. For members who register by contacting in advance, we will produce a Certificate of Attendance so that they can hang it at the store. If you wish to register, please inform the association by phone or email. Please provide the participant's name and business name (in English).

Need more details? Contact us

We are here to assist. Contact us by phone, email or via our social media channels.

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